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Our Process


MyHome strongly believes remodeling shouldn’t be chaotic and stressful. That’s why we’ve formulated a step-by-step process, guaranteed to make your renovations easier, faster, and ultimately successful. Our Process


Your first step will be to meet with one of our Certified Remodeling Consultants in your home, or at one of our showrooms. Some companies charge anywhere from a hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars to meet with you. Not us. Our initial consultation is free.

If you have a vision or general feel for what you’d like done, the remodeling consultant will work with you to refine the details. But even if you haven’t created a vision for your new kitchen, bathroom, or whatever you’re renovating, that’s ok. The remodeling consultant will share with you what could work well in your space and meet your needs best. Also, she’ll let you know if and how your dreams will fit within the budget you’ve set aside.


After your free consultation, the next step is to meet with us in one of our showrooms to finalize the labor proposal. We’ll confirm the scope of the project, explain our estimate, and discuss MyHome’s role in your remodeling adventure. And you don’t have to worry about our estimate changing later for “unforeseen circumstances”.  We deal only with real numbers at MyHome, and even if we accidentally underestimate your project, you won’t pay for our mistake.

You don’t have to hire MyHome to do the construction (though we think you’d be missing out on the full-service convenience our firm is famous for.) If you do hire MyHome for the construction, then the design stage is part of the complete package, with no extra cost to you. However, if you prefer to use another construction firm, you can still take advantage of our highly trained, independent design team, or our material ordering services. In this case, we will charge a design retainer fee.


Now comes the fun part – creating your dream. We’ll tell you what will look great in your home, and, most importantly, what will work best in the space you have.

We use specialized software that will not only help us design and plan your remodeling project, but also determine the materials necessary, and the cost, making sure everything stays within budget.

One of our favorite remodeling software programs, 20/20, has several manufacture’s cabinetry catalogs built right into the program, enabling our designers to not only pick the cabinets easily, but also check on the availability and exact pricing. Plus, 20/20 allows the designer to create full-color, 3-D images of what your new remodeled kitchen will look like, so, for example, you can see what creating adjacent spaces will look like before you begin tearing the walls down.


After you’ve decided on a final design with the Certified Remodeling Consultant, it’s time to order your materials. We’ll also confirm that all the products and materials you’ve chosen will fit into your space, before we make the order final.

Our purchasing department will ensure that everything is tracked and arrives on time. Delivery can be tricky with renovation projects. MyHome will make sure that the materials are at the construction site when they are ready to be installed, and before that time, we have a warehouse where we can store everything until the construction crew is ready.

Plus, if you ordered something that doesn’t fit based on our design, we’ll correct and replace it at no extra charge. The same goes for any materials that arrive broken or defective. We’ll take care of it for you.  


Next, you will be assigned a personal Project Manager, who will oversee every aspect of your remodeling project. He will make sure the project is completed to your satisfaction, on time and on budget. He will also explain the construction schedule, so you can have an idea of when different aspects of your renovations will be completed.

Before construction is started, your project manager and the remodeling consultant you will do one last walkthrough with you. Also, if you need to get approval from your condo owner, or you require permission from the New York City Department of Buildings, you’ll need to finish that up before construction can begin.


After your materials have arrived, the construction can begin! The crew who will be working on your renovations will remain consistent throughout the project, and the Project Manager will keep the lines of communication open between you, the crew, and other professional tradesmen involved. He will also make sure the work is being completed on time, and handle any problems or scheduling changes.

We highly suggest finding an alternate place to live or work until the construction crew finishes. It’s less stress for you and is easier for the work crew.

We will do everything we can to protect your office or home during the construction phase, but we recommend removing everything of importance from the site before construction begins. We would hate for your belongings to get damaged unnecessarily. While we take every precaution we can to protect your home or office from the construction mess, there will be tiny particles of dust that can’t be caught by anything we (or you) do.


After the bulk of the construction is completed, your Project Manager will walk through the renovation site with you to create a touch-up list. Once you and the Project Manager have created your list of incomplete or unsatisfactory areas, a special touch-up crew will come to take care of the problems and finish up the project.


Once the touch-up crew has finished, and you’ve approved of the final results, you’ll sign an agreement confirming that the renovations have completed. At that point, MyHome’s unprecedented 5-year labor warrantee goes into effect. This is in addition to any manufacture warrantees on the materials you’ve purchased.

As you can see, from beginning to end, MyHome’s process eliminates much of the risk and stress that comes with remodeling. Ready to begin? Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation now, and find out how we can help turn your renovation dreams into a reality.