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Our Process


I appreciate all of the work you did to make the renovation of my kitchen a success. . . . You consistently had new ideas that helped my kitchen not look like a typical off the shelf renovation. I have done several home renovations over the years using different designers, and you stand head and shoulders above.
Dean C
Northern Region Aftersales Manager
Jaguar Land Rover


Everyone at MyHome seems to love their job, and it shows in the quality of their work. After hearing stories from my friends and family, only now do I realize how lucky I was to have found MyHome. It seems as if they are working, single handedly, to change the reputation of renovations.
Elisabeth A




MyHome made sure all of my issues/concerns were taken care of - no questions asked. . . . I also had a couple of minor things that needed to be taken care of after the completion of the project, and MyHome was very quick to complete these things for me. . . . I plan on using My Home for my kitchen renovation in 2007.
Anthony P





We chose MyHome because we believed a streamlined, all-in-one approach managed by an efficient organization was far preferable to the hit-and-miss approach of dealing with loosely-affiliated subcontractors and vendors. We wanted professionalism and accountability, and in all respects, that's what we got.
John T. W




Many companies claim they warranty their work, but MyHome actually did! I was very pleased that MyHome honored my requests to adjust my doors, re-grout my tiles, and reseal my faucet, without any questions or hassles. This level of service is rare and greatly appreciated.
Jonathan N





In all of our transactions, [MyHome] has demonstrated knowledge of their trade and respect for both their clients and vendors. When they started warehousing materials and supplies, I expected our relationship to diminish, but it hasn't. They maintain the personal touch, and that's saying a lot these days.
Israel B
Ajo Home & Lumber Depot


Even before our apartment was finished, our upstairs neighbors signed on with MyHome for more extensive remodeling. The completed project was stunning. . . . We ourselves hope to become customers again soon-this time to remodel our second bathroom. I only wish more contractors in New York would aspire to your company's level of service and professionalism.
Barbara P






I am an Interior Designer and have worked with dozens of contracting companies. . . . [The owner of MyHome, Mayan Metzler,] paired me with Ben Pitt for a kitchen project in Tarrytown, NY. Ben was sensational! We had minimal snags and finished the project on time and on-budget. . . . I will absolutely work with your company again, without hesitation!
Christopher B
Interior Design Services



As a licensed architect in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, I have worked with [MyHome] for the past 2 years. . . . Going into someone's home, tearing it apart and reassembling it is an arduous process; homeowners often become edgy and impatient. . . . MyHome's team support and hand-holding calm those ruffled nerves.
Frederick K
Rick Kramer Architects P.C.
I want to thank you for the beautiful job that Guy and Julio did in my kitchen. They were professional, knowledgeable and pleasant. They were on time and showed up. I am very pleased with your work and hope to use you, and recommend you, in the future.
Betty W




We ultimately chose MyHome because of their high level of customer service and their integrated design/renovation package. Moritz Schmidinger worked with us on different plans utilizing their terrific software product that showed the rooms as they would look. Additionally, the combined package gave us comfort that design plan was practical and doable on our budget.
Carol M & Bill C





I am writing to thank you for the wonderful work just recently completed in our home. We had all three of our bathrooms gutted, redesigned, and reconstructed. Our project manager, designer, and construction specialists were fantastic. The project was finished on time, and the work is impeccable.
Daniel F





I would like to take this opportunity to thank your company for the great project you delivered. The design became alive with the quality and workmanship. We [are] quite happy with the quality of the job, and your attending to matters even after the project was completed. . .
Eric W




I expected high quality, and MyHome not only met those expectations, you exceeded them. The workers were punctual, respectful, and cleaned up after themselves. You kept within the budget you quoted me, and Ben and I appreciated that.
Esther M




The workmen were a pleasure to have in my home. They tried to keep the dirt to a minimum, which you know was so important to me. Every time I had a question, [the project manager] Sagi responded to my phone calls immediately. . . . To me, customer service is everything, and [MyHome] couldn't have responded better!
Hathy W





I get raves from friends and family when they view my apartment. The high quality of the workmanship is admired. The concept developed between myself and Ben Pitt has resulted in an airy, attractive living space in sync with the 1920's feel of this apartment building.
Henriette A




From the beginning of the project, Milton Kislinger provided us with great ideas and design options for improvements for our home. During the renovation, [project manager] Jesse Rabinowitz was on-site always available for questions. . . . Although it took longer than expected, the combination of a remodeling consultant and project manager made the job less stressful for us.
Jeff & DeLesta M





. . . [From] the time that we stepped foot into the design studio, to your numerous visits to our apartment, you were the consummate professional. Your patience with us made us feel at ease and comfortable with the whole job. On top of it all, you finished under budget and ahead of schedule.
John & Danielle M




The workers did a terrific job. They were efficient and kept the dust and disruption to a minimum. And the quality of their workmanship was great. Altogether, it was probably the best experience I've had working with a contractor.
John S




Thank you so much for all the amazing work. . . . To date, we have never seen a better paint job! From the crown moldings to the hardwoods floors, and everything in between, we are very pleased with the work that MyHome provided, and we will recommend MyHome to anyone seeking home renovation in NYC.
Kyle S





I have received rave reviews on the apartment, especially the kitchen and the bathroom. That, after all, is really why we go through months of dust and displacement (and smaller bank accounts) - so everyone else will be jealous!
Lisa W




We wanted to thank you for all the effort and good work you put into making our new apartment a home. We know how hard your team worked to move us in there as fast as possible. . . . [We] are very pleased with everything - none of which would have been possible without your dedication to doing a good job, and the professional expertise of MyHome.
Luke, Stacey, and Beatrice K





We walked into your showroom on 48th St. having absolutely no idea how to go about doing any of this. Everyone we dealt with in your company was extremely helpful, professional and courteous throughout the entire project(s). . . . Next project we have, we will happily use My Home Renovations without reservation of any kind.
Lynn C and Howard Mk




Moritz Schmidinger was our first contact with MyHome. Our first impression was so positive; I almost hired him on the spot. However, being a skeptic, I interviewed many other contractors. There was absolutely no comparison. MyHome outshined all the others.
Madeline G




There are so many wonderful things that you did that it's hard to even list them. . . . [The] kitchen cabinet ordered was too big, and you just called Allon and ordered a smaller one! There was a scratch in the countertop, so it was removed and fixed. . . [You] never got irritated, and just did what I wanted. I really felt like a princess the whole time.





We are delighted with our newly renovated apartment and could not have gotten there without the wonderful assistance of Moritz, Steve, Shawn, B, and his crew. I was very fortunate to find Moritz, whose design taste (and patience) helped bring the pictures in my head to life, and B has practically become a member of the family!
Mei-Mei D & Tom C




[Our project manager Jesse Rabinowitz] quickly responded to our concern about moving in just after the construction by sending a cleaning service to scrub the entire apartment up and down, just prior to our move, free of charge. Although a few details had to be finished up after our move, thanks to Jesse we got settled in our new home with functional bathrooms, which had been completed in less than one month!
Meredith S







The work crew under Vassily was excellent. The work they did was of very high quality, and they did their best to minimize the inconvenience to our daily life. Both my wife and I felt very comfortable with their presence.
Ralph Z




The whole renovation process stretched out over many weeks, most of which time we were living in the apartment. Despite the dust and noise - and occasional crises - I truly enjoyed working with Karolina and Jesse throughout the process. Karolina and Jesse are impressive and talented individuals, and I would hope to work with them on any future renovations.
Robb C






As someone who lives out of state, I was not familiar with the process of coordinating such a project with co-op boards, property managers, building plumbers, and superintendents. However, with your assistance, and with the help of Paul and Carlos, we have been able to successfully navigate through this process.
Suzie L





It is a privilege to have the opportunity to continue to recommend all my current and future clients to MyHome, because I know that as a residential architect, my designs are only as good as the master craftsmen that build it. I can sleep better knowing that MyHome takes each homeowner under their wing and guides them through the entire construction. . .
Jordan R